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Introducing the New H-Series of DMR Two-Way Radios

Hytera US Inc, December 16th, Irvine, CA – Hytera, a leading global provider of innovative radio communications solutions, launches the H-Series Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) product family to deliver next-generation of digital communication capabilities.

Comprised of handheld two-way radios, vehicle-mounted mobile radios, and repeaters (base stations), the H-Series features a brand-new technical platform and redefines the User Interface (UI) of two-way radios. The H-Series radios can be deployed in a wide variety of analog and digital radio networks, including Analog and Digital Conventional, XPT trunking, DMR Tier II and DMR Tier III trunking, IP Multi-Site Connect, and DMR Simulcast Systems.

The H-Series offers all the versatile features professional users expect and pushes radio functionality to a new level. The H-Series portable and mobile radios feature exclusive noise cancellation technology powered by real-time artificial intelligence, enhanced power and sensitivity that extends transmission distances up to 25%, advanced encryption, built-in Bluetooth, GPS, and voice recording. They also feature a 2.4-inch, TFT-LCD color display screen, which complements the new UI and further optimizes the user experience with icon-based application navigation and layered menus.

The handheld series has two tiers HP7 and HP6 that are slimmer and lighter and deliver the best audio quality on the market. Large speakers provide up 93dB of clear voice audio with real-time AI-based noise cancellation technology to diminish loud background noise, and a water-expelling speaker allows the devices to shed water from the speaker when exposed to constant rain.

The H-Series handheld radios provide ultra-rugged durability with the longest battery life available. The new platform is MIL-STD 810G to withstand shock and vibration, and IP68 rated to withstand dust, dirt and sand, and submersion up to a maximum depth of 2 meters underwater for up to four hours. A new anti-magnetic speaker does not attract magnetic metal dust and shavings to ensure clearer voice and longer service life. The radios feature the latest lithium polymer battery technology, which is lighter and smaller than standard lithium batteries, and enables a shift life of 24 hours on high transmit power with a duty cycle of 5/5/90.

The H-Series HM782 mobile radios support the same advanced features of the handheld radios, and function as a mobile radio, a repeater, and a gateway to extend coverage. They also feature dual remote-control heads, and a compact 1DIN rugged chassis.

The state-of-the-art H-Series HR1062 repeater provides flexible interconnection with trunking systems, PSTN and VoIP phone systems, IP networks, and dispatching systems. The repeater delivers all this functionality in a compact 1U height chassis that is half that of conventional repeaters and it features a built power supply with AC/DC auto switching to save valuable rack space.

“The H-Series is simply the first of its kind in the industry when it comes to functionality, user experience and ruggedness,” said Tom Wineland, Vice President of Sales, “Hytera has been a leading provider of DMR radios and systems and has continuously improved products based on customer feedback. The Hytera H-Series is the culmination of this experience and spirit of innovation, and elevates the industry standard in DMR radio communications.”

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