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Two-Way Radios for Industry
and Manufacturing

Hytera Radios Improve Operations and Worker Safety

Hytera is the leader in reliable and cost-effective voice communications for manufacturing professionals.  Hytera radios are used by small and medium sized manufacturing shops and major industrial companies nationwide to improve operational efficiencies and worker safety.

Two-Way Radios for Manufacturing

Hytera radios are used by manufacturing, production, operations, quality control, and safety professionals across the country in a wide variety of industries.

Metal, plastic, textile, chemical, electronics, printing, food processing, medical, aerospace, and automotive manufacturing

Repetitive, discrete, job shop, process (batch and continuous) manufacturing

Energy production and clean energy manufacturing

Radios Built for Manufacturing Professionals

Manufacturing professionals demand high-quality radios that are reliable and cost-effective. Hytera two-way radios are built for the manufacturing environment with features that enhance efficiencies, reduce down time, and improve worker safety.

Lightweight and easy to use with one-button push to talk

Impact resistant, waterproof, and resistant to dust and metal shavings/particles
Digital noise reduction for clear communications in noisy environments

One-touch emergency calling and worker safety features

Long-life batteries provide up to 24 hours operation on a single charge

Intrinsically Safe Radios

Hytera has a complete line of Intrinsically Safe Radios that are the state-of-the art in durability and industrial worker safety.  Hytera intrinsically safe DMR radios provide safe use dangerous industrial and energy production environments. They are Class I, II, and III UL913 certified for use in areas where explosive gas and combustible dust are present, IP68 rated for water immersion, and MIL-STD 810G certified for durability and impact resistance.  

Guaranteed Facility Coverage

Manufacturing and industrial facilities can consist of a single building or a large campus of buildings. Coverage for all areas from shipping and receiving to the production line is required for critical operational communications.

Hytera DMR radios provide full facility coverage withXPT Trunking Repeater Systems that deliver cost-effective coverage for any size facility, DMR Tier III Trunking Systems for larger groups of users and high call capacity, and IP Connect Systems that connect multiple facility locations.

Hytera Push-to-Talk over Cellular radios use existing 4G/LTE cellular networks and facility Wi-Fi networks provide full facility coverage and wide-area coverage for manufacturing plants – without the expense of radio system infrastructure.

Push-to-Talk over Cellular for Manufacturing

The Hytera HALO Nationwide Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) Network provides wide-area coverage using Wi-Fi network and 4G/LTE cellular and networks.

Hytera rugged PoC devices include mobile radios for vehicles, and smart devices that run business and manufacturing apps.

Hytera HALO features a powerful dispatching application that provides instant group calling and individual calling along with GPS location tracking of remote workers and drivers.

Push-to-Talk Over Cellular White Paper

Everything you wanted to know about Push-to-Talk over Cellular.

DMR Two-Way Radios for Manufacturing

DMR is the Digital Mobile Radio standard with millions of users worldwide. Hytera DMR radios have earned a reputation in manufacturing for their value, reliability, and performance.

Hytera Canada offers a wide range of DMR radios to provide the right solution for your industrial communications, from cost-effective DMR radio-to-radio solutions for small buildings, to the next-generation professional H-Series DMR radios and DMR Trunking Systems for large facilities

Cost-effective and reliable communications
Rugged and reliable with excellent audio quality
Wide variety of features and models
Long battery life and extended coverage range

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