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IP Connect

Connect Repeater Sites with IP Networks

Hytera IP Connect Multi-Site Repeater Radio System


IP Connect is designed for organizations that operate across a large area or geographically separated locations that exceed the coverage area provided by a single repeater. With Hytera IP Connect, multiple repeater sites can be linked together over a standard IP network, allowing users in different locations to talk over wide areas with ease.

IP Connect allows for connecting multiple DMR Tier II conventional repeaters across dispersed locations using third-party IP networks. That includes wide area networks like the internet, Local Area Networks, VPNs, or microwave links. IP Connect is achieved with a simple license upgrade on the Hytera repeater, so there is no additional radio equipment required.

The H-Series HR1062 Repeater supports IP-Connect, and any DMR Two-Way Radios that are fully compliant with the DMR standard can be used since the repeaters are using the IP network as a carrier for the DMR traffic.

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Cost-Effective Wide Area Connectivity

IP Connect uses an IP Network to connect multiple radio repeaters for greater coverage as well as connecting several radio sites for a larger radio network. Hytera IP Connect offers greater coverage, simple migration, ease of use, and supports instant, real time radio communications across town, across the state, or across the country.

IP Connect Key Benefits

Simple Deployments

IP Connect supports Hytera Repeater connectivity over a variety of widely available IP networks, including the internet, private wide area networks, LANs and VPNs. If the existing repeaters are already Hytera, no new hardware is needed to create this wider area radio network, simply install an IP connect license and configure the repeater.

Local and Wide Area Channel Programming

In a Hytera IP Connect system, Talkgroups can be programmed to call users only on the local repeater, or across the IP Connected multi-site network. This is especially handy for school districts, where each school campus can have its own local repeater communications but are always available to emergency broadcasts or any other calls that need to be heard across all campuses.

Carries True DMR Protocol

Adding Hytera IP Connect to your repeaters carries the DMR protocol. That means your existing DMR radios, regardless of manufacturer, will work on the extended IP Connect radio system for flexible deployments without being locked into proprietary systems.

Convenient and Familiar Operation

Because the IP Connect uses DMR protocol, users do not need to learn a new radio system. Group Calls, Individual Calls, Emergency Call still work as they normally do.

Enhanced Coverage

IP Connect is perfect to add additional coverage to shadowed, or poor coverage areas. Areas like parking garages, below ground floors.

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