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Push to-Talk Over            IP  Gateway

Push-to-Talk over Cellular RoIP interconnect to DMR and Analog radio systems

Hytera PoC Bridge

HyTalk Dispatching

PoC Bridge provides a simple, reliable, and cost-effective Radio over IP (RoIP) gateway between Hytera Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) radios and a variety of DMR and analog radio systems.

Enables group radio calling connectivity between Hytera PoC radios and analog radios, Tier II DMR radio systems, DMR Tier III trunking systems, or Hytera XPT systems.

Add PoC Calling to Existing Radio Systems

Hytera HyTalk Dispatch provides nationwide group voice and video calling from one or more dispatchers with pre-programmed or dynamic call groups. Quickly build dynamic groups with a simple list selection or by selecting an area on the dispatch map. Supports full-duplex (both users can speak any time) calls to individuals and half-duplex group calls.

Add nationwide Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) communications to existing Analog or DMR standard compliant two-way radio systems

Provides a simple, reliable, and cost-effective PoC to DMR radio system gateway

Enables a variety of flexible system interconnect configurations

PoC connectivity is available with HyTalk Nationwide PoC service or HyTalk OnSite Plus customer owned PoC system

Preserves investments in existing DMR and Analog radio systems

Delivers low latency communications between PoC and DMR radios

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PoC Bridge Data Sheet

Key Benefits of Hytera PoC Bridge


PoC Bridge is a compact hardware configuration that can be installed in a data closet or radio equipment rack with a minimal footprint. Both mobile radios are powered by a one dual-output power supply. PoC Bridge provides a single-channel interconnect at a much lower price than other systems that require additional hardware or servers.


The Push-to-Talk over Cellular broadband internet access can be through an LTE cellular network using a SIM card in the MNC360 or through an existing Wi-Fi network. Narrowband connectivity to Hytera DMR systems, third-party DMR standard compliant systems, or analog radio systems is provided through the HM782 using UHF or VHF frequencies.

PoC Bridge also provides connectivity between two remote radio networks over PoC internet access, and multiple PoC Bridge systems can be deployed for additional channels.


PoC Bridge provides a cost-effective method to add Hytera PoC radios with nationwide range to an existing DMR or Analog radio system.

PoC Bridge provides a single channel interconnect from PoC to DMR radios with a special hardware kit that interconnects and re-broadcasts communication between an MNC360 PoC mobile radio and an HM782 DMR mobile radio.

The MNC360 provides connectivity to Hytera PoC radios via LTE cellular or Wi-Fi internet access, and the HM782 provides connectivity to Hytera DMR Radios and repeaters via narrowband UHF and VHF frequencies. The HM782 can communicate with DMR radios via a repeater base station or directly with DMR radios.

PoC Bridge can also provide connectivity between two remote DMR radio systems over a PoC Broadband connection.

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