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Hytera Canada Launches Compact and Reliable Mobile Push-to-Talk Radio

Hytera Canada, the market-leading supplier of innovative two-way radio communications solutions, is introducing the MNC360 Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) mobile radio. The MNC360 enables instant group and individual voice calling over nationwide wireless networks. It is ideal for businesses that need on-the-go communication in vehicles while providing loud and clear audio and many safety features. 

The MNC360 is compact for easy installation and access. Unlike cellphones, tablets, and handheld devices, the Hytera mobile radio is a legal and DOT compliant device for safe communications while driving featuring a handheld or wireless mic. Eyes stay on the road with raised tactile buttons, piano style keys, and lightweight handheld microphone for safe and simple push-to-call operation.

The radio features digital noise suppression and high-volume (4W) front facing speaker for excellent voice quality in loud environments, built-in GPS allows for dispatching applications, and Bluetooth for earpieces and external push-to-talk devices. An LCD display provides high-resolution visibility even under bright daylight.

Highly accurate external GPS antenna enables speed monitoring and real-time location tracking with breadcrumbs and geofencing with the Hytera HyTalk Dispatch application. With the standard API and SDK, the MNC360 communications capabilities can be integrated into mobile fleet management and telematics applications.

The MNC360 can be deployed on any PoC Network, including the Hytera HyTalk Nationwide subscription-based PoC service, Hytera HyTalk OnSite – a customer owned PoC Wi-Fi system, and Hytera HyTalk Connect unified platform that integrates existing Land Mobile Radio (LMR) radio networks and PoC radio networks into a single unified system.

The Hytera HyTalk PoC communications solution features a powerful dispatch application that provides a simple and easy-to-use interface for efficient group or individual voice calling, sharing images and text, and GPS route tracking and geofencing.  Dynamic group calls can be quickly created with a simple list selection or geographically by selecting an area on the dispatch map.

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Hytera Canada Launches Compact and Cost-Effective Push-to-Talk Radio

Hytera Canada Launches Compact and Cost-Effective Push-to-Talk Radio