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Nationwide PoC Radio Subscription Service

Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (PoC) Service for Voice, Data, and Video Communications

Hytera HyTalk Nationwide PTT over Cellular Subscription Service


Hytera HyTalk Nationwide is subscription-based service that provides instant individual and group calling over the most advanced nationwide Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (PoC) radio network. Hytera HyTalk PoC devices include compact radios, handheld smart devices, and mobile radios.

Hytera HyTalk Nationwide utilizes the 4G/LTE cellular infrastructure of Mobile Network Operators and Wi-Fi networks. 4G/LTE cellular networks enable unlimited coverage area so radio users are untethered by the range of repeaters and base stations used in traditional radio networks.

Communicate. Coordinate. Facilitate.

Communicate instantly with nationwide groups of remote workers using rugged radios and bodycams

Coordinate worker locations and jobs with GPS location tracking and geofencing

Facilitate cost reductions by sharing images and video with remote workers to quickly solve problems

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Hytera HyTalk Nationwide
Push-to-Talk Radio Network

HyTalk Nationwide

Hytera HyTalk PoC devices connect to the LTE cellular network infrastructure of Mobile Network Operators using a SIM card. PoC network services are hosted in the Cloud on servers operated by the Hytera HyTalk PoC platform. This provides a highly reliable network that requires no maintenance or operational expenses.

Hytera PoC devices also support Wi-Fi connectivity. The Wi-Fi capability enables calls inside buildings with Wi-Fi network connectivity, or outdoors in areas with Wi-Fi network hotspots. PoC radios automatically and seamlessly switch to an LTE network when a caller moves outside the Wi-Fi network range.


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Everything you wanted to know about Push-to-Talk over Cellular.

Key Benefits of Hytera HyTalk Nationwide PoC Service


Hytera HyTalk leverages 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi networks to provide secure and instant nationwide radio communications. This provides reliable coverage for any organization that needs wide area coverage, including school districts, companies with vehicle fleets, contractors with changing job sites, security guard companies, or any company with multiple locations.


Hytera HyTalk PTT over Cellular support instant one-to-one (individual) calls, or one-to-many (group) calls to different groups. Using the HyTalk Dispatch web-based app, you can quickly build dynamic call groups with a simple list selection or geographically by selecting an area on the dispatch map.


With a subscription-based service, there is no need to purchase, house, operate, and maintain any radio network infrastructure. There are also no expenses related to owning traditional two-way radio equipment or buying FCC frequency licenses. Since the radio network infrastructure already exists, PoC services are very quickly deployed, and the radios work out-of-the-box with SIM cards pre-installed.


Hytera HyTalk PoC devices feature integrated GPS to enable location tracking with the Hytera HyTalk Dispatch application for tracking of driver locations and travel routes with time stamps. The dispatch application also support drawing geofence boundaries for individuals or groups of remote users, and receive alarms when workers enter or leave geofence areas.


The Hytera HyTalk PoC platform allows any number of virtual channels and as many call groups as required, and LTE networks also support bandwidth-hungry applications like user-initiated video calling. HyTalk Nationwide is also scalable from a small group of users to thousands of users nationwide.


HyTalk Nationwide supports sending and receiving Emergency Alarms for enhanced worker safety, and the Dispatcher can remotely monitor audio and video during emergency situations. Dispatch also can stun (disable) and revive (turn on) remote radios that are lost or stolen, or used maliciously


Users can communicate with each other and dispatch with free-form or pre-programmed text messages, and PoC devices with cameras can share pictures with other PoC devices and HyTalk Dispatch.

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Products Supported on Hytera HyTalk Nationwide

PNC560 PoC Smart Phone

PNC560 PoC Smart Phone

Push-to-Talk over Cellular Android Handheld Smart Device
VM780 Bodycam and PoC Radio

VM780 Bodycam and PoC Radio

Hytera Body-worn Camera and Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) Radio
BP562 Two-Way Business Digital and Analog Radio

BP562 Two-Way Business Digital and Analog Radio

Two-Way Business Digital and Analog Radio
PNC550 PoC Mobile Computer

PNC550 PoC Mobile Computer

Push-to-Talk over Cellular Android Handheld Smart Device
PNC360S PoC Radio

PNC360S PoC Radio

Compact Push-to-Talk Over Cellular Radio
MNC360 PoC Mobile Radio

MNC360 PoC Mobile Radio

Push-to-Talk over Cellular Mobile Radio

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