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What is IP Site Connect?

What is IP connect radio system

How IP Connect Expands Two-Way Radio Coverage

What is IP Connect, and how the system connects multiple radio repeater sites over IP networks

IP Connect allows for connecting multiple DMR Tier II conventional repeaters across dispersed locations using IP networks.  That includes wide area networks like the internet, Local Area Networks like hospital or school district networks, VPNs, or even microwave links.  IP Connect is very scalable from a just a few repeaters to dozens of sites, and repeaters configured for Tier II Conventional, XPT, or DMR Tier III can be connected in this manner.  

IP Connect is designed for organizations that require communications with different locations over a wide area that can be across town, across a state, or even across the country:

  • K12 School Districts 
  • Universities with satellite campuses 
  • Businesses with offices, warehouses, and manufacturing
  • Hospitals and regional medical facilities
  • Property management companies

The IP network carries the DMR standard radio information in place of a radio airwave signal. Once that data is received by the remote repeater, it is delivered to that repeater as a normal digital radio transmission.  And so that repeater simply repeats the radio traffic locally as if it originated there.

Because the IP network carries the information that conforms to the DMR Standard, it carries all the DMR features:

  • Group Calls
  • Individual (or Private) Calls
  • All Call (Calls everyone regardless of what Group they are in)
  • Emergency Calls (Including Lone Worker and Man-down Calls)
  • And calls requiring GPS information

Application Example – Site to Site Call

In this example, and organization has multiple sites, and each site has regular radio traffic within its location, but sometimes they need to speak another site. IP connect can make this happen – and it is as easy as changing channels on a radio.  

When the system is configured, call groups can be defined for the radio channels to talk to groups of local users at each site, or over IP Connect to groups and individuals at other sites.  Multiple channels (talk groups) can be defined for each site and for the IP Connect locations. 

  • Site 1 user changes channel on the radio to the Site 3 channel and the radio traffic is sent to the Site 1 repeater
  • The Site 1 repeater sends that radio traffic through the IP network
  • The Site 3 repeater receives that radio traffic from the IP network and sends the traffic to the appropriate users in the Site 3 channel.
  • All of this works in real time as if the users were at the same location
IP-Connect Radio Network Diagram Site-to-Site Call

Application Example – Site to All Sites

If there is an emergency or critical information that needs to be broadcast to all users at all sites, the “all call” channel can be programmed into all the radios. When a call is broadcast using that channel, everyone hears it – regardless of the group or site location.

IP-Connect Radio Network Diagram All Call

IP Connect is a reliable and cost-effective way to provide instant individual and group calling across multiple locations. If the existing repeaters are already Hytera, no new hardware is needed to create this wider area radio network; only licensing is needed. The H-Series HR1062 Repeater supports IP-Connect, and any DMR Two-Way Radios that are fully compliant with the DMR standard can be used since the repeaters are using the IP network as a carrier for the DMR traffic.

Contact Hytera US Inc to learn more about IP Connect.

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